Saturday, October 18, 2008

couldn't sleep at all last night

Yesterday after work, Jack and I stopped at my childhood home to visit with my parents. (Yes, I have stories about our visit, but those are a post for another day.) We went to dinner with my parents (yes, more tales) and then we got home around 7:30. Jack was tired, so he headed into our room for a nap and came back to the tv room around 9:00.

He told me this morning that he had a hard time getting to sleep when we went to bed around 1:00 this morning. I asked why that was and he thought of two reasons--one, he'd had an hour and a half nap earlier in the evening. The second was that I was talking in my sleep. Seriously, who knew? Most other times, when I've been talking in my sleep, he was unable to determine what I was saying.

But last night, he said it was very clear. I said, "Peek! There she is!"

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy time with the granddarlings?

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