Sunday, October 5, 2008

warning to gentle readers who have aging eyes

Beware if, while vacuuming the dining room, you spy a pea-sized crumb of that delicious devil's food cake you made a day ago, lingering on the dining room tablecloth, begging you to snatch it up to enjoy that last little morsel. If you have the aging eyes, don't fall for it, because it is a trick. It is not going to be a yummy taste of chocolate, but instead a dried out piece of shephard's pie that was really tasty the day before, but not so much now, especially when you expected moist, delicious chocolate cake.

Just trying to help, that's all.


Stu said...

just be grateful that it wasn't a treat left by the kitties or even worse... dolly. (although, I suppose Dolly would make certain that no "treats" such as that would be left behind...)

Lisa B. said...

Yikes-a. But I have to say, I know whereof you speak--and knowing it doesn't mean I don't still feel like popping whatever it looks like in my mouth. Again, I say yikes-a.