Thursday, October 2, 2008

staff meetings--yeh it happens

Just wondered if any of you, internet, have been in a recent staff meeting in the legal department where you work and noticed that the top boss attorney was tapping his green tea bottle on the table right next to the conference line phone, which from past experience you know makes it hard to hear on the other end of the phone, so you whispered in your stage whisper, 'stop banging on the table so Jennie can hear the call on her end of the line,' and the top boss attorney said, 'what?' and you said a little louder, in your school teacher voice, 'STOP BANGING JENNIE!' and immediately, even before the last syllable left your mouth, knew that you had just said the most inappropriate thing in the world, the thing that the three men in the office at the meeting could not stop laughing at, all the while getting more and more red in the face, even giggling minutes later and again later throughout the meeting, knew that you said the thing that caused Eileen, the very gentile, southern belle, to leave the room to hide her blushing face and weeping eyes, and one of the men, trying to help you feel better, said it wasn't as bad as the time in his church that a woman became very emotional during her talk and apologized for being such a big boob and the next speaker, a man, said don't worry about the crying, sister smith, we all love big boobs?

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Joey said...

I am the queen of saying the inappropriate thing. And my kids find it very entertaining. Yesterday Emily and I were talking about lining Sean up on a blind date and I said, "I think he should do Tawnie."

Oh, and there was the time in our staff meeting when our operations manager asked how tired I was when I signed his e-mail, "Love, Joey." You know every once in a while he calls me Joey instead of Johanna. I wonder....

The wierd part is that I'd had a dream that I was married to him a few days before.

Yes, I was blushing.