Monday, October 27, 2008

easy is for wimps

Thirty-one years ago tonight, Jack and I began our life together. Like most, if not all, couples, we've had our share of good times and hard times, treasured memories and events we would both probably like to forget. Right now, we are good together, even though we seem to be in yet another of those learning curve times. If a learning curve was defined as one of those old, round, metal spin-around toys at a playground, where kids get on and hold on as other kids spin it around, we would be taking turns doing the pushing and the falling off and barfing. Those playground times include lots of fun and laughter and an occasional scraped knee or tossed cookie. But usually, the good memories last and the painful memories eventually become the stuff of family urban legends.

In the tradition of many of the bloggers I follow, I will now list 31 things about Jack. I could post many more things, but, well, you know the drill--31 for the 31st anniversary.

1. Any time a mouse has moved its family someplace inside of our home, Jack has helped them all move out. Might not be a big deal to some, but it is HUGE! to me.
2. He is patient. More patient every day.
3. He builds beautiful pieces of furniture from wood--pieces of art that we use everyday in our home that in time will be his legacy, a reminder of the solid true man he is.
4. He knows about everything. If I ask a question, he knows the answer. Like the other day when I asked him which bullet would land farthest away, one shot by a rifle or one shot by a handgun and he said the rifle bullet would be farthest away but both bullets would land at the same time. I remember reading something about that from my few weeks in a physics class a couple of years ago, but until he told me that, I seriously thought it was one of those things I made up in a dream.
5. He is trying so hard to understand the constantly moving target that is me and my thoughts, emotions, and actions.
6. He introduced me to NASCAR and he understands how devastating it was to me when my favorite driver died.
7. He has become accustomed to my quirky style of decorating and definitely gave in when it came to paint colors, and even though he initially had concerns about my eclectic style of design, I think it is growing on him.
8. He said yes when I fell in love with our cabin property and begged him to agree to buy it.
9. He fathered the four most amazing people in my world.
10. He reminds me often that I was and continue to be a good mother.
11. He listens to me. and listens to me. and listens to me.
12. He may deny this, but I think he cares for my cats and our old collie, as long as she doesn't smell too doggy (and by doggy I mean--well, you can guess what I mean).
13. He is a good son and a great example to our boys of the way sons should care for their mother.
14. He has a huge, kind, tender heart.
15. He introduced me to white water rafting.
16. He appreciates and encourages my love of gardens.
17. He is a good son-in-law. He may not agree with my parents, but he still respects that they are my parents and understands the importance of ongoing, multi-generational, family relationships.
18. He bought my Scion for me on Valentine's Day and yes, there was a big white bow with little red hearts on the top of the car.
19. He is funny. seriously funny. Yes, he knows some jokes, but most of his funny revolves around our daily experiences.
20. He helps people all of the time. Me, the kids, the neighbors, his mom, my parents, people at work, strangers on the road and at the store--the list is endless.
21. He supported me completely during the year that my gramma lived with us, helped me and gramma through the acutely painful times, and comforted me when she died.
22. He introduced me to NHL hockey.
23. He likes to go to the movies with me and has, on occasion, enjoyed watching me laugh at the movie more than he enjoyed the movie.
24. He thinks before he starts a project. He plans, thinks, gets a picture in his mind and is not afraid to change midway through if we think of something we like better.
25. He has always, always, provided for our family.
26. He is smart. Common sense, logical smart.
27. He sees, hears, and appreciates the beauty in music and art.
28. He is fiercely loyal--to me, our children, and our parents and family.
29. Wherever we travel, he might be sweating bullets, worrying about the dangers that lurk, but it's like a grand adventure to me because I know he will protect me.
30. Whenever our kids asked how something worked, he didn't just tell them, he showed them. I will never forget the cold, wintery night when he and four-year-old Stu set a glass coke bottle that was full of water on the porch outside to help Stu understand how potholes form in roads.
31. He loves me, after all of these years and all of my ups and downs, he still loves me and wants to be with me.

And, Jack, I love you and want to be with you.

Like the ring says--always.


Lisa B. said...

Happy anniversary to you two. This post brought tears to my eyes. You both deserve every single happiness in the world.

Joey said...

Happy, happy anniversary. I hope the next year brings peace, comfort, and contentment. You deserve it! It all starts with gratitude doesn't it? Dang!

And I hope you did something fun, romantic or whimsical for your day. And you don't look any different than you did that day. And I know because I was there!

Jack said...

A prime number
Jeff Burton's car number
Herschel's kart number
No. of days in more months than not
Number too small for us

I love you too.