Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cute is not a competition

With the new puppy in the gardens, we are all about cute nowadays. Well, cute and a bit of newspaper on the floor and some little red scratches all over our hands and that easily identifiable scent of puppy breath on our clothes and skin.

But there are all kinds of cute. Like the other night, when Breanne's family was preparing to go home after a visit when she climbed up onto me and gave me a full-body-contact hug, arms around my neck, body snuggled close, little voice murmuring, "Gamma, I wub ewe."

And then there's this kind of cute.

Seriously, we are happily drowning in cute here.


Johanna said...

Ah, thank heaven for cute! Although I don't envy you the puppy...I don't even like to take care of plants, let alone animals; I congratulate you on the new arrival.

And, yes, let's do lunch. I'll be in touch!

Lisa B. said...

sounds like life is good right now. Yay!