Sunday, January 11, 2009

formula for a perfect saturday

Morning with my girlfriends at IHOP + Afternoon into evening with the kids and the girlies = Swell day

Extra credit for Breanne:

1. "Boppa, you silly. No, Boppa, you cwazy."

2. In response to my question--"What are those on your cup?"--(about the cartoon fish drawings on her cup), "They fish, Gamma. One, two fish. I yub fish."

3. After she and her mom played with and put away 'Gamma's pincesses,' she hopped off the couch, headed off to find her coat and exclaimed, "I'n goin' potty. Let's go home mom, I go *potty."

*Jessie bought the same set of princesses for a Christmas gift, but Breanne found them before they were wrapped. Jessie and Breanne had been giving some thought and effort to potty training, so Jessie thought the princesses would be a good incentive for potty training success. Because who wouldn't want to use the potty if there were princesses with clothing, shoes, and necklaces involved? As far as I know, the princesses are a real incentive to sit on the potty. And if you have to put them away at Gramma's, you might as well go home to your own princesses. And potty.

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