Friday, January 23, 2009

i will try to stay calm as i type these words

Today, in the office lobby, the opwo said (and this is seriously a direct quote), "Cute jacket!!! That is so CUTE!!!! Where did you get it? Is it a Vera Wang? I'm going to have to get one too!!!!"

And then an hour later, in the hallway, "That jacket is SO CUTE!!! And the color is PERFECT for you!!! It looks so good with your eyes!!!!!!"

And yes, there were CAPS and high quantities of EXCLAMATION MARKS floating about the office. And maybe even some jacket envy flickering in her eyes.

And hey--she was talking to me.

Yep, there is a first for everything. I was so not expecting another exclamation mark from her! !! Somehow, in the past six months or year or whatever it's been since she last commented on my attire, I'd realized that it didn't really matter to me what she thought about my clothes or my hair or my shoes or my style. Because I like doing me up the way I do me up.

Jack, brilliant man that he is, picked out the jacket for me for Christmas.

And well, the opwo was right--it is a cute jacket and a great color for me and my eyes.

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Lisa B. said...

The only thing missing from this thrilling post is a picture of you looking cute in your cute jacket.