Saturday, January 3, 2009

resolution time again?

I think I'm ready to make some resolutions. I know, last year, I just couldn't get myself to make resolutions. A plan to improve was enough. But this year, I'm ready. I'm stronger.

I've thought about possible areas of improvement. I could elevate
last year's plans to resolutions.

Holy cow, I just read my last year's plans and it was a lot. I did have some pretty good plans, and I think I made progress in most, if not all of the areas, but I'm not sure I'm really ready to, you know, commit to so many resolutions just yet.

As I looked back through my old posts, I realized that
I planned to make caramels last year and never got around to it, and I still haven't made any caramels this year. My candy thermometer is still sitting on the kitchen counter.

Perhaps that could be my 2009 resolution--I resolve to make caramels before 2009 ends.

Uh. While candymaking is probably more significant, requiring more effort, than the year I resolved to wear earrings everyday and ended up wearing the same black and sterling silver posts for months, it's probably not, uh, my best resolution. Although, when I think about my homemade caramels, perhaps it could work...

Okay. I think I've got it now. If you've read my blog for more than a couple of days, you may have noticed there are more than a few areas in my life that give me, a) pain, b) concern, c) insomnia, and d) genuine, uncontrollable heartache. I resolve that even in the face of these situations/events/emotions/happenings/relationships, I will keep hope alive. I probably need to get permission to use those words, but I haven't. I'm not trying to use some catchy slogan as an easy out for resolutions. I'm trying to find a way to remind myself that I have a choice--not always a choice of situations/events/emotions/happenings/relationships, but a choice in my response. And I
resolve to choose to never lose hope for the future. I resolve to choose to adapt in ways that allow me to keep seeing the reality, and also the good, the right, the beauty, the okay.

And for 2009, that will be enough.


Johanna said...

That sounds like a great resolution...and I know it's one you can keep. You are always more hopeful than you give yourself credit for anyway.

But the caramels are a good idea, too. Pick some nice Saturday and make yourself a treat. :)

Lisa B. said...

A wonderful resolution. It would radiate out into every area of your life. Lovely.

Amelia said...

Good work. I just posted about my idea for resolutions. Love reading this!

Skybird said...

You have allowed me into your gardens.

Thank you.

As a gift to the gardens, triggered by this hope that is your new years resolution, I hope you will accept this gift of Spring:

Spring Awakening

Against the backdrop of Spring
I stand
awakened, renewed,

Dressed in the robes
the New Year.

I dance the songs
of life
with the new winds of
a pleasant spring morn.

I am shorn of winter’s bitterness.
Joy opens in every leaf.
Grief has ended.

The sap of my new birth
brings strength
to my limbs,
and hope
to my heart.

I dance to the Joy
of a new Spring.

BKBushman 2-13-2002