Tuesday, December 30, 2008

marley & me

Jack and I went to the movies this afternoon. We saw Marley & me in a theater that was not even 1/4 full. Without giving anything away about the movie, let me just say that while I thought it might be a sappy waste of time, I'd heard that it was good, and I was not disappointed. We both enjoyed it, but I quickly lost track of how many times Jack and I squeezed each others' hands when we recognized yet another scene that could have been written by us. I'm tellin' you, it was as if we were watching a blog of so much of our life together.

If only the internet had been invented 30 years ago. Sheesh.

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Skybird said...

Perhaps I'm putting a tag in out of place, but I'd be interested in the other movies you see yourself in... and the most identifiable character (or characters) that mirror your heart's desires in that movie!

I have not even heard of Marley & Me (I am pretty out of it...) so I can't visualize yet why that touched you so!

I will go over to my blog site and post a list (something I rarely if ever have done much of...) and maybe you can see the heart of this old bird coming into focus in the flicks I love as well!

A Second thought... if any of my movies you have found yourself in, what character were you?

The Librarian sometimes gets me and our Atlanta buddy into games of this sort! I'm so tired of being work oriented right now, that a diversion just before tax season might be fun!