Friday, December 12, 2008

i am making so much progress

Today at work, I made some decisions about Christmas preparations. It seemed like a good plan.

1. Do all shopping online tonight.
2. Buy groceries first thing tomorrow morning.
3. Clean basement tomorrow morning.
4. Bake cookies and make caramels tomorrow afternoon.
5. Meet Audrey's every need tomorrow evening.
6. Sleep in Sunday morning.
7. Go to movies Sunday afternoon.
8. Feed the family Sunday night.
9. Go back to work Monday morning.

The plan has fallen apart. Turns out I'm not much good at online shopping. I can't tell if I like the stuff I'm looking at, even if it is SERIOUSLY ON SALE. With FREE SHIPPING. I need to touch and be moved by the connection I get to the stuff I'm buying. Who knew I put so much effort into shopping?

Besides, after putting my new list down onscreen (since obviously I'm not putting it down on paper), I don't know, the list seems like way too much effort, like by Sunday night I'm going to be exhausted and so weary that it's another weekend closer to Monday.

This will be my new list for this weekend.

1. Blog and finish reading book that Sugar gave to me.
2. Sip tea while blogging and reading.
3. Sleep well.
4. Head over to Kohl's to get the killer deals tomorrow morning.
5. Stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things.
6. Dawdle along, tidying up here and there, and resting a bit.
7. Enjoy ms audrey
8. do together what families do together--prepare, serve, feed, tidy altogether.
9. read again or let mind wander to ideas of well-thought out gifts for those i love.
10 hot breakfast please and later a movie and then a nap.
11. dinner will work itself out, right?

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Lisa B. said...

What an awesome plan (the second one). I hope it goes just as planned, and yes, dinner will work itself out, even if it's takeout or goingout. Which I personally recommend for weekend dining.