Thursday, December 18, 2008

glory hallelujah

A few days ago, my friend, Joey, posted about the baking she does for Christmas. I was astounded and commented on her blog that I wanted to know what it took to get on the list for some of the yummies she wrote about.

Tonight--wait for it---I started wrapping presents. Yes, I know, this is waaaay too early for me to be touching the tape and scissors, but, well, I thought it might be nice to have the presents under the tree in their shiny paper for more than six hours before it (the paper) was all ripped to pieces and left in piles around the living room for me to pick up and smash into hefty bags, early on Christmas morn while Jack and the boys either a) head back to bed or b) play with their new crap.

So, I assembled the wrapping supplies: rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that I bought in 2005 at Costco and the tape and the scissors and the blue sharpie I use to write the names on the presents. Because, seriously, what is the point of name tags for six hours? Ribbons? Don't even think about 'em. No, presents aren't pretty around the gardens because, well, for a long time, the girls were outnumbered by the boys and the boys didn't care about what the presents looked like on the outside, the important thing was what was inside the wrapping paper, so why bother?

So. I started wrapping tonight. I wrapped a couple of gifts for Jr and the drummer and my gift to my dad and then, what to my wondering ears did occur? The doorbell rang and there stood my friend, Joey, with a HUGE plate of assorted (and I mean seriously assorted and even more seriously HUGE) Christmas treats.

this is only about 1/2 of the treats.
the others were just as pretty and so yummy, right jr?

OH MY HECK! I LOVE BLOGGING! And Joey. Thanks friend.


Joey said...

You are so sweet! And friends that you've known since the 8th grade are definitely the dearest. I love you! And I wonder where Howard Ainsworth is today. And I know why he fell head over heels with Gilian.

Skybird said...

Too small of a world!

Joey, them cookies looked absolutely delicious!

And I sorta remember Howard...

I connected with Joey as a Jr. in High School. She was a sophmore. We double dated once, she was with Hal then, and we danced at a lot of Stake Dances together with our circle of buds.

I was thrilled when Niel came back into her life! He and I were fellow Clarinetist's in the Spartan Marching band. Joey did the flag twirling then.

Since I have read this morning that you also are a prior Spartan, I assume you and I have crossed paths once or twice.

When you think back to Spartan days, I was the conceited one! It goes with being a musician! I was the drum major in my senior year. Class of 1975. School paper journalist as well.

Probably TMI! This is your spotlight, after all!

Off to the next flower, skybird...