Sunday, December 28, 2008

before you read the next two posts

Can I just ask a couple of things?

1. Do you just think my new masthead is as totally cool as I think it is? I could go on and on about how much it says and how it speaks to me, but I'll let you, dear readers do that instead...
2. Has skybird gone south for the winter or what?
3. Did I mention that Christmas was great around here, that everything got done in time, that we've survived without the caramels and toffee, that I've almost eaten the entire box of inexpensive cherry chocolates I bought for myself, half of the pecan log from Jack's mom, and most of the Christmas cookies (at least the ones that I didn't send to the neighbors), that work in the basement has slowly started to begin again (think molasses on a cold winter day, even though I've never really seen that, but it sounds very slow), that Dolly has forgiven me for trimming her one toenail too short (I can't even begin to say how devastated I was when I saw her blood--aaarrgh), that my mom seems to be behaving sensibly, and that I really enjoy blogging?


Jessie said...

I do definitely love your new masthead, and have just been searching for a place to say so. Thank you for providing that place.

I do think Grandma is behaving amazingly sensibly, too--she didn't even do breakfast. I never thought I'd see the day. Oh, and Grandpa put in his own eyedrops while we were there. Who knew he could do that?

And I'm sure Dolly has forgiven you, too. She probably just likes the attention.

Yes, things are good.

Lisa B. said...

I am sorry I didn't say I loved your new masthead IMMEDIATELY, as in the first time I saw it, because it is so beautiful!

Today when we took Bruiser for his walk, the sky was so brilliantly blue I almost forgot I was trudging through the valley of the shadow of snow. It is such a gorgeous, gorgeous day!

I love your blog!

Skybird said...

WOW! I merited front page comment! How special was that to find this morning!

I love your blog Ms. Gardner... almost as much as you love blogging it (can I say that in mixed company!)

Thank you for the honor of 2nd spot in your questions!

I apologize for not even knowing what you are talking about re: the masthead. You will have to forgive me...

southern exposure!