Monday, December 22, 2008

Sensible--that's the ticket

My mom is home from the hospital. The angiogram showed no blocked arteries, so the doc says the pressure my mom felt in her chest (and this morning in her back) is from the atrial fibrillation--an irregular heartbeat--and the solution is for her to take two medications. He said the key word for her from now on would be 'sensible'. He noted that it isn't sensible for a 75-year-old woman to shovel snow or mow lawns, and sensible patients sleep more than four hours each night.

Clearly, if anything, my mom must be sensible. Take, for example, her ideas about Christmas lights.

From the end of the street:

Getting closer:

Yeh, definitely sensible.

Sure, sensible. No problem.

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Lisa B. said...

Whee! Icy. Hope the medications--and the sensible advice--help.