Saturday, December 6, 2008

who you gonna believe?

When in the midst of chaos--fear and uncertainty, physical pain, the joy and stress of family and holiday times--do you go with the medical world--the sincerely helpful doctor with the medications from the folks who make the commercials that convincingly claim that sometimes life is too much to cope with, can only be survived and enjoyed by swallowing some of the pills they're selling?

Or do you go with the thoughtful therapist who says, hell yes, you are stressed, suffering, scared--who wouldn't feel that way given your circumstances, now let's lose the pills, develop some coping skills, and live?

Or can I simply sit on the stairs, survey the heap of memories amidst the junk that must be sorted and organized and stowed so that the basement remodel can proceed, and feel blessed when Jr passes me on the stairs, strokes the top of my head and says, "Mom, it's amazing, your hair never changes. It is always so soft, so comforting."

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Skybird said...

It is written, "and a little child shall lead them..."

Thank goodness for the little children of the world!