Sunday, December 28, 2008

a few of my favorite things--alphabetically

A — Attached or Single: attached
B — Best Friend: jack
C — Cake or Pie: pie, mmmmm, pie
D — Day of Choice: saturday
E — Essential Item: hmmm, besides food, diet coke, affection, time, beauty, learning, and clean teeth?
F — Favorite Color: green-my eyes and all of the different shades in nature
G — Greatest Accomplishment: parenting
H — Hometown: murray, home of the spartans, mighty mighty spartans
I — Indulgences: chai tea
J — January or July: january
K — Kids: four amazing adults who have created three and a half amazing grandchildren
L— Life is incomplete without: a cat on the bed and a dog at the door when i come home
M — Marriage Date: october 27
N — Number of Siblings: two brothers
O — Oranges or Apples: sweet, juicy oranges or crispy, tart apples
P — Phobias or fears: emotional abandonment, physical dependence
Q — Quotes: from my mom, "now, i need to say something that you're probably not going to want to hear, but..."
R — Reason to Smile: my darling grandbabies
S — Season: no favorites here--i enjoy the quiet white of winter, the wet green of spring, the hot orange of summer and the blustery rustling of autumn
T — Tag 5 Friends: i simply cannot tag anybody anymore. if you read this and would like to join along, please do, and let me know so i can learn more about you.
U — Unknown fact about me: well, it is no longer a secret that i cannot tag anybody anymore. i'm not sure there are any other unknown facts about me since i started blogging.
V — Very favorite store: kohl's because i can always find something there to buy
W — Worst habit: shopping at kohl's because i can always find something there to buy
X — X-ray or Ultra Sound: ultrasound when it's my first introduction to another grandbaby
Y — Your favorite food: no favorites when it comes to kids and foods
Z — Zodiac: Virgo


Skybird said...

Tag, hmmm? I wasn't very good as a kid! I guess the rules mean that I post my tags on my blog site for those playing to catch... is that the rule?

I expose a very deep level of myself there... and for some I wonder if it is hard to wade through...

I really enjoy how you write, and what you express... both the hilarious... and the not so much!

We are very much alike, which is probably why I fly over here when I can!

I expressed to our mutual friend the Librarian in an email the other day (when she first mentioned you had asked if I had flown south...)why I am so drawn to your gardens! I won't post that here... she can forward my email if you want it.

But I am intrigued by the tag concept... if you allow birds to play... do I have to be grounded?

Skybird said...

My blog site:

When you need a flight from the gardens...