Sunday, December 7, 2008

what i did

yesterday, after rising early, catching up on my blog reading, puzzle solving, and list making, i:

1. ate strawberry pancakes at the ihop with jack (also ate one sausage)
2. cleaned up dog poo with jack (the poo-eatin' dog is not keeping up with herself, apparently)
3. got a new 'do--funky, spiky short (can i pull this off? of course i can!)
4. emptied out the shed and some shelves in the garage with jack (so much more tidy!)
5. tossed out a bunch of crap (besides the poo)
6. broiled a marinated-by-stu-london broil, which we ate with mashed red potatoes and peas (except for audrey, who had three bowls of 'yoyo' with milk [cereal with milk])
7. visited with my parents and brother while the boys put up the christmas lights (you'll want to see pictures of the lights)
8. tended to audrey's every need (and she kept it together amazingly well, considering she had no nap yesterday)
9. enjoyed almost every minute of a beautiful november day.

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a pretty lovely day. The weather is simultaneously so enjoyable and also freaking me out a little. It's December, weather comptrollers! December!