Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm not sure how i feel about this

Jr, son of Jack, (of all trades), drives a car that would probably be considered a luxury car. We got a great deal on it (of course) --bought it used from a former co-worker. Honestly, when we went to see the car, I had no idea what a great deal it was or that it was anything that Jr would ever want to drive. After all, he's a single guy in college, so what would he want with a Toyota-ish sedan?

But throw in leather seats, a sun roof, and a luxury car name, and he was in love at first sight. It's a nice car (even if it did start him thinking there might be a really expensive car in his future), but he loves to drive it, to clean it, to be seen in it. And he takes very good care of it.

Earlier today, Jr noticed that a couple of the lights in the dashboard were burned out and he decided he would do the repair himself. He did what any smart guy does nowadays, he googled the repair or the parts or something like that, and sure enough, he figured out the parts he would need and that he would have to go to the dealership to get them.

Jr is still sort of young though, so after he bought the lights, he asked the dealership guy what he needed to do to install them. The dealership guy said he couldn't tell Jr how to perform the repair. So Jr took a $20 bill out of his wallet and slid it over to the guy--who discreetly slipped the $20 into his pocket and said to Jr, "Well first you do blah, blah, and then you do blah, blah, and then..."

Jr thought to himself that he had been only kidding when he got out the money, but decided that it would be worth it for the info.

And then he came home, spent a bit of time trying to follow the guy's directions (had to go back because the directions didn't work, where the guy, upon spotting Jr, said, "Hey, you're back," and gave Jr additional directions) and after a couple of hours, fixed his own dashboard lights.

On the one hand, he had the guts to attempt the repair, figure out the repair, and complete the repair. On the other hand, he, uh, well, I don't even know what to call that $20 thing.


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Jessie said...

So Cory and I are both cracking up over here. Who does that in real life? I guess now we know.