Sunday, May 29, 2011

by way of explanation

The masthead photo is a shot of my peony.

I've always thought peonies were so beautiful, a combination of sorts of rose and carnation, but I've never grown them before, so sometime in the last two years, I planted a bunch of peony roots that I bought at Home Depot. And promptly forgot that I'd planted them.

A few weeks ago, I noticed something growing in the corner of the gardens, and upon closer inspection, realized I was growing peonies. Not just growing peony plants but one of them actually had a tightly-closed flower bud.

I was thrilled. I'd heard years ago that if you don't plant peonies at just the right depth that you'll get plants but no blossoms, and I'm a bit of a random gardener, not really good at remembering to dig just the right depth holes, just expecting that if I plant it, it ought to grow and if it doesn't, well then, we just weren't meant to be together.

So I watched that plant with its bud. Every time I looked out the kitchen window, I'd gaze towards the peony bud, waiting for the day that its deep red showy blossom opened and blessed that dreary corner of the gardens.

Two days ago, I was certain the bud should have opened and maybe I'd missed it?, so I strolled back over there. You can imagine my shock to see the bud missing. Missing. Removed from the plant. Nowhere in sight.

I was stunned. And disappointed. Stupid dogs. This is not the first time they have crashed through the beds, knocking over everything in sight, defrocking tulips and perennials alike. But still. I was so bummed.

Until I spotted the bud, safely nestled in one of the many holes the dogs have dug in the lawn (which is a whole other story). Yes, I was glad to find it, but still, quite sad that it was no longer attached to the plant.

I carried it into the house where Jack suggested I put it in a glass of water to see if it didn't open--and voila! it opened!

Not exactly how I preferred it, but it is a lovely flower, don't you agree?

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Shi said...

I am glad it bloomed for you! (btw I had a suspicion that was what it was) Hooray! And it is a very pretty blossom :)