Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this kid of mine

I kind of sandwiched this bit of information in between other items on Saturday, but Jr has gone off to France for a month of immersion in the French language at some university over there.

This is how he looked after a long nonstop flight plus a several-hour train ride plus a day without sleep plus a night of sleep in his host home where no English is spoken plus a first day in class where English is not allowed plus a ride on the bus plus a long walk after exiting said bus further than realized from said host home and getting a little lost for 45 minutes plus no internet access during most of that time and no one to speak to in your native tongue.

Or, it might be how he looked when he pulled a funny face at me on Skype. Which I love. Skype and the face.

This is him driving to the airport for his grand month-long adventure. I'm missing this kid or I'm so excited for him or both.


Lisa B. said...

So cool and so brave! Yay!

Anonymous said...

ha ha merci beacoup!