Sunday, May 15, 2011

rental update

We have knocked our socks off. And worn out our backs. And finished these things:

1. The basement bathroom. Shower is tiled, grouted, and caulked. And while not perfect, it is perfectly lovely.
2. The back stairway. Patched, ready for primer and paint, minus all of the extra wires, pipes, and other devices hanging on the walls, and today we tiled the upper landing, and last week, Jack built a new wall to replace the one we knocked down. In a few days we will grout the tile and call it good.
3. Wiring in the upstairs part of the house (with the exception of hanging a light/fan in the girls' old bedroom and hanging lights in the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen.)
4. Patched all of the walls in the upstairs, including all of the holes we made to allow for the re-wire.
5. Cleaned everything out of the basement, including the laundry room, except for the workbench, shop vac, and a few odds and ends that would blow away if we took them outside because there is no more room in the trash cans this week. We also have enough stuff to return to the Home Depot to pay for a couple of base cabinets and a set of drawers and a countertop for the downstairs kitchen.
6. Have nearly completed the downstairs wiring, except for three outlets and one switch in the kitchen and installing lights in the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and livingroom.
7. Jr brought the curtains home for laundering and pressing.

And smartypants that we are, we hired a contractor to complete the wall patching, texturing, priming, painting, and a bit more finish carpentry, and then Melissa, the darling who cleans our house every other week, has agreed to send over some of her workers to clean the entire place.

It should be ready for renters to move in by June 1.


Jessie said...

You keep saying how impressive all my sewing is... I can't put a candle to how hard you guys've been working. So this is me, giving you a really lame thank you for making such amazing things happen in that house. Seriously.

Johanna said...

Very, very impressive. It must be very gratifying to see your work reach fruition.