Sunday, May 22, 2011

some stuff i know for sure

1. You should never, not ever, get paint stripper on your skin.
2. I'd probably die without skype.
3. There's a ton--a metric ton if that's bigger than the other kind of ton--of crazy in my family, but I love them still.
4. I am tired. For all my good-intentioned family members who tell me every time they see me that I look tired, it's true, I'm tired. Bone weary, aching old woman tired. There, I said it, now can we please stop talking about it or do I have to start wearing my makeup when I visit?
5. Uh, there's more, but I'm too tired to remember it all.


Lisa B. said...

Oh my goodness. Please sit down and have a Pepsi, and also read a magazine. Not something improving, something frivolous. And then watch a television show, possibly with popcorn.

Maybe I can see you sometime this summer? It has been forEVer.


Johanna said...

I can agree with all but the paint stripper, never having experienced that.

But I totally get that tired. Lately I don't even have the 18 year old girl inside of me anymore. Even she feels old. I don't think it's doing too much or not having enough caffeine; it's just the weariness of life beating you down. It feels as if no amount of feet up, veg time, will ever be enough to rejuvenate.

Maybe it's just Monday coupled with all the rain we've been having.