Sunday, July 17, 2011

because it's my blog, i'm saying this

I do not like group projects in college.

I know, they're supposed to be like real life and when I'm a grown up and working in a real job, there will be slackers and I'll have to deal with them and blahblahblah. BLAH.

I don't care. I don't like group projects in college. There are too many kids in college who do not know how to write a paper or do research and I'm not talking about kids who are trying to research and write in a language other than their native tongue.

I'm talking about the other kids who put in ten minutes and fire off an email claiming they are done. And dammit! I don't want them bringing down my grade so here I go again, doing their work for them because I refuse to submit work with my name on it that contains bad grammar, incomplete sentences, incoherent thoughts. And worse. So it's like I'm their teacher except it's worse--it's like I'm their mom correcting their work so they never learn how to do it themselves so how does that help them?

I am so done with kids emailing partially completed work with the excuse that they're in Arizona and their computer isn't working right so could I just do the rest of their part of the assignment--when they haven't included enough information to even begin their part of the assignment, let alone finish it.

How do teachers stand it? What to do with this mishmash of nonsense? Why do I do this, this spending three hours fixing the pfft they've emailed when it only takes me an hour or a bit more to do my own part?

There. I said it. And I think I'll say it on every teacher evaluation for every class until I graduate next May because I know of no other option to help the people in charge of making assignment requirements understand my displeasure with this part of the deal.

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