Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ramblin' part 2

First. Let me tell you that you should never balance your computer on a stack of papers and other debris while cleaning up your office if there is any possibility that your compy might fall to the floor and strike that thingie that makes your mouse work that sticks out of the side of your compy--because your mouse just might stop working and it's no good trying to get used to that mouse pad thingie...

Two. If your kid coaxes and pleads with you for years to plant lilies in your gardens, don't make him wait. He is right. They will be a bright spot

wherever they bloom.

Three. Installing a water fountain in your gardens will always be a huge success with the grandkids and will provide countless opportunities
for photos of those adorable kids.

1 comment:

johanna said...

Lilies and water fountains...both great ideas. That's you all over.