Monday, July 11, 2011

ooh i've got a ramblin in me

Do you know what sucks about getting older? (Note I did not say old, but older.)

I heard on the radio a while back that older people can't hear mosquitoes. Apparently the frequency of their buzz is too high for aging ears, and I must have aging ears because I can no longer hear them pestering me and that explains the three mosquito bites I got last weekend.

While googling around to try to confirm that I'd really heard about the inability of older people to hear mosquitoes (or if I'd simply dreamed it), I learned that some guy in Wales invented a device that plays the frequency of mosquitoes through speakers as a way to get teenagers to quit loitering around public places. He thought it a great idea to keep the kids away without bothering adults and has apparently sold a number of the devices. There seems to be a bit of an uproar though because he didn't think about the babies and young kids who would be impacted by his mosquito sound producers.

And then there's the mosquito ringtones you can get for your cell phone. You know, the ones that only teenagers can hear so if their phones go off in class, their teachers can't hear them.

Where does this stuff come from? And am I the last one to hear about it since I am apparently older?


Anonymous said...

heard about this in 10th grade, not great in class because all the other students get annoyed by the ringtone and stare at the person who ownes the phone. kind of a give away. also i have a mosquitio bite on my ankle.


Johanna said...

This is how old I am. At first I thought your title was "ooh i've got a rumblin in me" which does happen a lot when you are old. I was wondering why you would write a blog about it.