Friday, July 22, 2011

on a more upbeat note

Yes, I've been a bit cranky of late. Maybe downright crabby. But I'm working on it. Cheering up and stopping the whining about the arm.

So. How about an update on the Provo rental?

It is nearly complete and we have tenants ready to move in. Photos to prove it, which will likely mean nothing to anyone but Jessie, who will recognize the progress.

So, does this look familiar, Jess? Top of the stairwell, notice the tile job, baseboard, freshly textured and painted walls, and rewired outlet. It has a cover now. Shoulda waited to take the photo until that got done, right? But see, the old dryer plug is gone and that's the new half wall and if I had shot from a different angle, you could have seen the new doorknob that locks and the new light and the walls that are clear of wires, plumbing, etc., and the new access doors for the upstairs plumbing that are far less noticeable than the previous covers.

This next one is part of today's projects. Jr and I tore out the kitchen cabinets in the basement earlier in the week and I textured the walls, so today we yanked down the sink and cut the drain line. Seriously gross. But, in this shot you can see the newly rewired switch and outlet (thank you, Jack and Jr). After taking this photo, I added more mud to fix the wall, and then Jr and I hauled the sink and other debris to the trash. We filled both cans again, and perhaps next week will be the last time we fill the cans with remodeling debris. Tonight we're headed back with keys for the renters, who can hardly wait to move in, which delights me to have people living there again who love the place. While there tonight, Jr and I intend to move the plumbing for the kitchen sink into the new cabinets (or at least the future location of the cabinets) so I can finish texturing and then painting the walls. The new cabinets and dishwasher should arrive by Tuesday. By then we hope to have made the new countertops (gluing laminate to wood and then cutting it all to fit perfectly!). Then we can drop in the sink, hook up the faucet and drain, and turn the place over to the cleaners. Okay, so we still need to reconnect the swamp cooler, make a shelf to go over the new sink downstairs, and slightly modify the closet doors upstairs so they close more easily and don't drag on the carpet and tile. But still. So close.

Finally, and this is a shot that only Jessie will appreciate, I present the storage room. Seriously, can you believe the difference? Not sure this photo really does it justice.

Not sure how we'd get these projects done without this kid. Notice the early morning sunshine?


Jessie said...

Wow. Seriously, wow. Looks great! (minus the basement kitchen, but I have faith that it'll look the same amazing (amazing-er, even?) in the next week or two. I'm so excited!

Jessie said...

PS I want to see more of the stairway. :)

Shi said...

wow to the storage room and everything else too! YAY!