Saturday, July 30, 2011

sow, grow, show

My gardens are fabulous this year. (See masthead photo.) Lots of rain = lots of lush growth = :)

And speaking of rain. Check this out--bathroom:


and in case you don't recognize this view:

Other bedroom. Take that rain who floods the basement apartment no more:

As long as I'm boasting about today's accomplishments at the rental, check out the basement kitchen:

It may not look like much, but the cabinets are in, the plumbing is in the cabinet, and the templates for the countertops are cut out and ready to be transferred to the wood/laminate

And back to the lush gardens. This is from last weekend.

She is such a poser.


Quite suddenly she needed to play with her ball in the water trough--

Then there's Gus, who looked like this last weekend but has since started running to and fro across a ten-foot square of grass, sniffing the ground, back and forth, back and forth--not sure what is going on in his little brain...(time to google neurotic dog)

And in case you wondered, these kids are all fine.

And obviously, these two princesses are adorable.


Lisa B. said...

That is a lot of happiness for one post. Your flowers look amazing, and those girls! Adorable.

Jessie said...

The gardens and the girls are beauties, of course. And so are the cabinets.. I can't wait to see finished pics. And yay for the windows... I really hope they solve the water issues. Ugh.