Tuesday, July 19, 2011

so maybe i was feeling a bit crabby

Like tired, and yes irritated, but did I mention my arm's been troubling me for a couple of months?

No? Well, that could be because I was convinced that the shooting pains that occurred whenever I moved my right upper arm in certain positions was either a) caused by my age, or b) yet another example of how emotional pain can cause physical pain.

But see, I'm not feeling particularly emotionally wounded right now. And the age thing is starting to get old.

Whoa. I'm so funny.


Finally mentioned it to the nurse, who passed it on to the doctor, who ordered an MRI, which showed bursitis--a treatable pain--

Dragged my painful arm to the doctor this afternoon for an injection--yes, me, the girl who is a baby about pain went to the doctor asking for pain. Because everyone who heard about my injection appointment kindly told me that those steroid shots hurt like hell.

Except Jack. He said he didn't think they were too bad.

So. Got my shot. Did not cry. Felt nearly immediate relief (after the wee bit of pressure that I was able to keep talking right through because I had to tell the doc the story about me being a baby about pain, right?)

Doc says the immediate relief is likely from the novocaine-ish drug they mix with the cortisone and probably is not just the placebo effect that I suggested, but the steroid should kick in within seven or eight hours and then I'll be good as new.

Or something like that.

And maybe I'll quit with the rants for a while.

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Lisa B. said...

No, you totally deserve to rant about group projects. I am rethinking mine (again) because of your critique. But I *am* glad to hear that you got relief from your pain. Well done.