Thursday, July 28, 2011

let's focus here

Seriously. Pay attention to the weather and forget that debt crisis business. Because it's been raining again. A lot. Enough to flood our basement. Again.

And oh yeah, the Provo house too. Because we had to go and agree to the tenant's request that we remodel the basement kitchen instead of doing the sensible thing we had thought needed to be the next project--you know, either new window wells that would keep the soil line below the bottom of the windows in the bedroom, or cutting through the concrete at the base of the outdoor stairs and installing a drain so the deluge of rain wouldn't run under the door into the living room.

Yes, that's three floods in two houses. Enough already with the rain. We live in a desert remember? It's July. Arid time. Please.

I must admit though, the new cabinets and patched/painted walls look much better than the old ratty cabinets and sink...but still.

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