Saturday, August 2, 2008

hold the presses--

Turns out there is a way to hear Breanne singing the abc song. Check this out--

That perked me up. But I am not over the virus yet...gotta go, sneeze comin' on...


Joey said...

How adorable! Aren't children the greatest???

I hope you get feeling better soon.

We need to do lunch when you are well enough to come out of the gardens.

My turn to buy, birthday girl!

Skybird said...

Forgive me for flying into your gardens late at night as is my want sometimes. This blog world is new to me, but I read a comment you sent back to me on your site yesterday... and was touched.

I followed the link to little Breanne and her abc's. What a weird world we live in now... being able to do such things when I was young would have constituted a miracle. So now I'm not sure if I should feel guilty for sneeking into the family photo albums... for coming into a home I've never been in before for crying out loud... or if I should feel honored that there are people out there who allow their homes to be open to the wandering birds!

My blogging patterns start with the Librarian, and before I know it, new worlds are opening up! I seen to head right to the gardens first lately. Through that, I've now been on another blog site. Ah... the ideas!

I now have two or three friends of Joey's that I have heard from and never met. What a strange, weird and wonderful world! Maybe that's better for you!

Joey is a jewel. The little sister I never had growing up! I've always been honored to know her. She has impeccable taste in friends!

Birthday girl? My baby girl turned 20 today. Small world! So have a happy BD from me as well! (I'm glad it's Johanna's turn to buy lunch!)