Monday, August 4, 2008

so many thoughts

so little energy. lousy stinkin' summer colds. yes, that is plural as in more than one cold.

but there are all kinds of things goin' on in the gardens.

all of these are from one seed dropped by a bird into the gardens two years ago, that grew into one sunflower plant, that spread its seeds, that grew into a massive sunflower garden. isn't nature amazing?

these two came to visit today--with their mom and dad, of course. the older has learned to say, 'cuse me' to her toys when they are in her path, to pens and markers on my desk when they are in the way of her coloring, the dog when she's in the middle of the dining room floor blocking the way to the swingset.

the younger one tosses in adorable raspberries from time to time to ensure that nobody forgets she is around. and she is totally enthralled with her older sister.

the one in the black shirt is gone from the basement. the one in glasses will be home on sunday after performing his last drum corps stuff as a bass drummer.

the lone dog is happier than i've ever seen her--apparently she was meant to be a lone dog in the gardens. let this be an example of what the shy little puppy in the litter can become when finally she is the dog receiving all of the love and attention.

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