Wednesday, August 20, 2008

smarties magic

You know those little sugar tablets called "Smarties"? These are the facts of Smarties in my gardens.

1. I have never turned down an offer of Smarties.
2. I do not walk past a bowl of Smarties on a desk or counter without taking at least one roll.
3. Through the first four months of my last pregnancy, the one that brought jr into the gardens, I ate pretty much only Smarties and ice water.
4. The ranking of my favorite Smarties flavor to my least favorite flavor: yellow, white, pink, purple, and green and orange are tied for least favorite.
5. Seriously, all of my life, I have preferred the yellow Smarties. I eat them first, then the white, then the pink, and by then, have usually found another person or my dog to eat the purple, green and orange Smarties.
6. About a year ago, Jack insisted that I couldn't tell the difference from one Smarties color to another. Baloney is what I said to that. Then we did a taste test and in what was one of the biggest earth-shaking events of my life, he was right. That's when I realized those preferences were not flavor-related, they were an optical illusion that tricked my brain into preferring the yellow Smarties.
7. Just yesterday, I learned that if you close your eyes and eat Smarties, you can convince yourself that every Smarties is the color/flavor you like the best.
8. The magic of Smarties has happened again because now, all Smarties I eat are yellow.


Jessie said...

How fun that you bring this up today--Breanne found two whole rolls of smarties yesterday (that I had placed in her marker tray as a special treat), so I taught her the word for them--instead of calling them "Nandy" (candy) she now knows that they are "Marnies" (Smarties). And boy does she love 'em.

Skybird said...

Joey's friend checking in again. I love your perspective on so many things, and this posting was great! I, also, will eat smarties, but it has been years since I have seen any. Your taste test thing was hilarious, and a treat to read! Your ending line was fantastic! So yellow is the best, huh! I never had a color issue myself! I usually ate them one whole package at a time!

It's a guy thing!

Patty said...

You are my new best friend. I am yellow, white, green, pink, purple, orange. I, however, eat them in reverse order, saving my beloved yellows for last (this is how I eat all my food—saving the best for last). And I agree with your first assessment—the yellow ones taste different, as do the white ones. The rest all taste the same. My husband agrees with yours—there is no difference. However, I will not submit to a taste test. I'd rather have my illusions. :-)