Monday, August 18, 2008

how could i forget?

tyler, former basement dweller, competed in his first cage fight on saturday night. jack and herschel went to the bar where it was held. in addition to fighting, there was a shake your bottom contest that unfortunately tyler didn't get to see any of--and while tyler did get the crap beat out of him (his ear was swelling up with blood that the cage doctor drained three times and tyler said it hurt like crap) so while he did get pummeled, jack said that tyler got in his share of beating the crap out of the 40ish guy who was his opponent.

i had hoped he'd do it one time and come to his senses, but apparently the 40ish guy knocked out some of his senses and he's going back when his ear returns to its normal size. while i am not in favor of anybody fighting, i do admire him for making a decision, doing all he could to prepare for the match, and following through--at least until he couldn't get up by himself. he said his fight will be on tv a week from sunday. when i'm 50 plus one week.

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