Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a little of this, a little of that and an early picture of michael phelps

Things I've learned since I turned 50:

1. Do not attempt to self-diagnose by checking out your symptoms on google or wikipedia. See a doctor. Then check out her diagnosis on google or wikipedia. In French.
2. I thought I had finally learned how to swallow pills without gagging myself. As a kid, I was taught that the way to swallow pills was to push them as far back into the mouth as possible and then to swallow a bunch of water to wash them down--which is also a perfectly good way to wake up and highly sensitize the gag reflex. The other day, Jack explained once again the pill-popping method that involves tossing the pills under the tongue, swishing a mouthful of water, and swallowing the water with the pills. No gagging. I did it. Such a proud moment.
3. Swishing diet coke around the mouth with pills will not produce the same non-gagging experience. It will remind the gagging reflex of its lifelong job whenever pills enter the mouth--perhaps something to do with the carbonation, which, as everyone knows, has the lifelong job of fizzing when swished. After that experience, the gag reflex will be back, full speed ahead.

As a bonus, I'm posting a picture of Michael Phelps at an early age, that my friend, Sugar, sent to me that I'm certain she found on the internet. I would credit the author if I knew who it was, but I don't, so I won't except to say that because it was found on the internet, I know it's true. And you might have to click on it to see it clearly.


Jessie said...

That picture is hilarious. Wrong, but hilarious.

And I just toss the pill in my mouth on top of my tongue and then purposely lose it in the mouthful of water or juice I take it with, and just swallow it down. No problems. I don't understand you pill-problem people. :)

Lisa B. said...

Hilarious! that picture of Michael Phelps, I mean. I found your discussion of swishing Diet Coke and pills to induce a sympathetic gag reflex even at a distance, that's just how powerful a writer you are.

Stu said...

I found that when you take as many pills as a great grandmother might, you learn to get over any gag reflex you might have. But as for technique I am pretty similar to jessie... toss the pill(s) in, take a swig of drink and just swallow the whole lot.

It has to be some mental thing though. Consider how much larger a piece of food you might eat is than a pill. You chew up the food a little bit, but there's no way that you get it to be smaller than a pill. I dunno.