Thursday, August 14, 2008

she's up to her old tricks again

The opwo is back with a vengeance. This time, her curious form of cruelty was directed at another person in the office--a person who deserves the rudeness least of everyone, but, really, what could anybody do to deserve her forked tongue uttering worddarts that seem so sweet and well-intentioned, but are in reality nothing but poison.

After a series of conversations, it became clear that ms opwo meanypants was trying to figure out how to use a certain service that one of the officemates performs, without actually including the officemate in the proceedings related to the service (like oh, document notarization, say, or something like that). Today she came into the office and told the officemate that she had found someone else to handle the service and then proceeded to say these words (or something very similar to them):

"Listen, fellow officemate, it turns out I won't need your help on this proceeding because I've found somebody else who can take care of it for me. It isn't really any reflection on you, but, well, because of the people who are participating, it was important that we convey a very professional appearance and, well, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your clothing, but I'm not sure when the bigwigs will be in town to sign and I want the person in your position to look exceptionally professional, not that there is anything wrong with the way you dress, but this other person is typically dressed more professionally, so, please don't take it personally, but I won't need your help on this one."

And then she walked out of the door and into the hallway towards the bathroom. Where I can only hope she realized the error of her ways and washed out her mouth with soap and beat her head against the mirror. But, no, she did no such thing. She went on about her business leaving us to wonder who her next victim would be.

Which prompted me to say, "Fellow officemate? What the hell was that?" To which she replied, "Sometimes I just have to ignore what she says."

Since then, all I can think is that it is far past time for somebody to report this woman to the committee that is in charge of appropriate workplace behavior so that somebody on that committee can straighten out her attitude and then wash out her mouth with soap.


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Lisa B. said...

I have tried in vain to rediscover what "opwo" is. But even without that important bit of information, I have this to say: Wow. That is amazingly mean and assholic. Wow. It's like Mean Girls, but with grownups. Maybe you could watch Mean Girls again to see if there are tactics and strategies that would help to even the scales, if only a little bit. Sheesh!