Friday, August 1, 2008

i was mistaken

i thought i was better. i felt like i was on the way to better. and yesterday, in the morning, i was definitely better.

then last night, i started sneezing. my eyes started crying for no good emotional reason. my breathing equipment (nose, nasal passages, throat, lungs) got all messed up. all of my parts in those last sentences did their best to wake me up during the night.

i rose slowly from my warm nest of sheets and comforter and dragged my sorry self into the shower, with both nozzles drilling my face and head with hot, steamy water, and eventually dressed and went to work, my sneezing growing in frequency and intensity, my cute little nose beginning to show red from those harsh scrubbies we call tissues, my eyes leaking, so that by lunchtime, i knew.

i am so not better at all. i feel lower than crappy. stuffy, sneezy, achy, swollen in that way that makes you say things like, excuse be, i need to blow by nose again. sheesh.

just in time for another weekend. the weeds are rejoicing every bit as much as if a sprinkler broke and sprayed continuously onto them for 20 minutes. for this new (or extended) virus will keep me from donning my gloves and heading into the gardens to remove as many weeds and snails as i can find.

but only for a day or two. because really, three colds in three weeks? so not likely.

# of tissues since 5:00--26
% effectiveness of dimetapp since 5:00--2% (did somebody take the active ingredient out of my dimetapp? I should have been cleared up and dozing in my cozy bed hours ago)
food and drinks since 5:00--kashi cereal with milk (thanks jack), cold diet coke (nod to jack again), venti iced chai (sweet jr)
ratio of me whining to anybody else in the house speaking: 10:1 (sorry, but wah, i'm, sigh, ailing)
days to well again: 2-5 (and then watch out snails)

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

summer colds = the worst!

I am so sorry for you. Try dayquil--it is my summer cold drug of choice.