Sunday, July 22, 2012

bffs gone awry

Let's just admit that living with five animals is insane.  Cats, dogs, males, females, it's all crazy times around here.

They are all so aware of each other.  It seems we have five children.  If one jumps on my lap, the others want to be there also.  If one is sleeping on my lap and I reach ever so slightly towards the ears of another to give a bit of a scratching to those ears, the sleeping one awakes and stretches to block my reaching hand.  If one gets a taste of food, the others all want a taste.  If one wakes up and jumps off the desk, another wakes from a deep sleep in another room and runs after the one that has suddenly joined him on the floor.  If I even say, "GusGus" to Weezie, she hisses.  Everybody getting into everything and tussling and chasing and licking and it goes on and on and on.

And there's the shedding.  Let's don't even talk about the shedding.  Or the eating, barfing, peeing, and pooping.  No we won't mention those.

I suddenly realized this post is starting to sound like so many other mommy blogs.  The kids did this, the kids did that, it is simply crazy around here.  And I suppose that like those mommies, I will just keep picking up after these kids of mine, I'll keep feeding them, scratching their ears and their bellies.  And I'll miss them when one day they grow old and leave and there's no one to sit on my lap or lay by my feet or lazily nap by my side.

Before then, it might be entertaining to try to get a group shot of all of them together.

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