Saturday, July 7, 2012

stuff i do

It took three tries but I finally got a pedicure two days ago.  Something about scheduling ahead takes a little bit of the joy out of that for me so I don't schedule.  Sometimes that means I have to wait a little or go back another time.  But it is always worth it. 

Just wish I hadn't stubbed my toe and chipped my newly polished nail against the leg on one of the chairs on the deck today.  Poor little sore, chippy painted toe nail.

Last night Oscar was perched in his favorite looking outside place--the window of the office--while I sat surfing/wasting time in my rocker.  Out of nowhere, I heard something *doink* into the window.  I can see a blob of something there still.  Not sure if it was a bug hitting the window or some magical bird poop that dropped horizontally onto the glass.  It's still there and I should probably go out with the hose and wash it off, right?  Yes, well, maybe later.

Yard sailing this morning was a total score on the clothing and puppet fronts.  Clothing:  three excellent skirts, two awesome jackets for work, two sweaters and one top.  Puppet:  one skunk hand puppet.  Certainly cannot beat that.

I talked Sugar into going to the mall so I could pick up a couple of skirts from Banana Republic after we sailed.  I'd only picked up one of the skirts while sailing, having decided that the other two couldn't possibly fit, what with them being at least one size smaller than I thought I could squeeze into.  Even though they looked perfect, I left them for someone smaller than me to take home.  We went to the mall where I found two skirts in the style I like at a reasonable price.  That's when I realized that I'd made a huge mistake by not picking up those two smaller sized skirts while sailing.  So we got back in my car and headed off to try to find the house of the skirts, and amazingly, not only did I remember where the house was located, THE SKIRTS WERE STILL THERE!!  JUST WAITING FOR ME TO COME TAKE THEM HOME!!!  Suweet.  We are so happy about that whole thing.  I think I spent a total of $103 for the two new skirts, three gently used skirts, two jackets, two sweaters, and one top.  And that adorable stuffed animalish skunk puppet, which I think will be a total hit with the girls.

Next, I'll be doing some laundry and packing my bag for my adventure in DC.  Yep, headed to the nation's capital for a class all week.  Which means that after attending government contract pricing class each day, I'll be eating where I want, wandering around in the evenings checking out stuff, controlling the remote, and sleeping in my own king-size bed with the amazing Marriott sheets.  Sure, it's 100 degrees with 100% humidity outside.  But I'll be inside during the days.  And it's Washington with all of the monuments and free stuff to do DC.  And I'll be wearing my new skirts.  It'll be quite simply great.


Lisa B. said...

One of my favorite sentences in recent memory:

>>"Yard sailing this morning was a total score on the clothing and puppet fronts."

Also, I was just trying to talk myself out of going to the mall for whatever...but your skirt saga has just kicked me out the door.

Lastly, that trip to DC, even with the temp/humidity, sounds so fun! I hope you have a great time and indulge your inner solitude-seeker. We all have one, and s/he needs to get out from time to time to kick out the jams.

Joey said...

Don't you just love it when you fit into something that you don't think you can?