Saturday, July 14, 2012

i'm back

Home.  That was a swell outing.  A week of learning and adventure and even resting.

I returned to a warm welcome, a clean house, a happy family.

During my absence, my gardens increased.  I left with only simple white daisies, purple coneflower, and blue sage in bloom but returned to find them joined by massive clumps of black-eyed susan, fully loaded rose of sharon, and brilliant bunches of flox.

I forgot to ask Jack and Jr to water my pots of petunias during my absence.  But those little annuals valiantly did their best to stay alive.  The lack of water gave me the opportunity today to justify cutting off the leggy blossoms in hopes that they'll recover soon.  They look perfect in the new squatty vase I found today while sailing with Sugar. 

Also, I expect Audrey will be delighted tomorrow when she comes to visit and discovers the unicorn costume I scored today for 50 cents, right?

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Shi said...

I think she will be amazed!!! :D