Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fast food opera

Did you know you can go to the theater--the movie theater--order a burger and fries, and enjoy your fast food while watching an opera?

Well, yes you can and Jr and I did just that tonight.  With one of his friends.

It felt kind of trashy and high brow all at the same time.

The food we had?  Cheeseburger, grilled cheese sandwich, and chicken tenders.  All with fries.  And fry sauce.  And an Otis Spelunker cookie for me for dessert.

The opera we watched?  A recording of Lucia di Lammermoor performed as part of The Met Summer Encore.  It's a tale of a woman who falls in love with a man but is forced by her brother to marry another man. 

There was lots of singing in Italian with subtitles.  Of course.  And lots of tragedy.  And blood.

And a really great mental breakdown.  I mean, it was incredible, she was incredible and so believable.

You know how it sometimes takes a couple of minutes to get into a movie?  This was no different.  It took a couple of minutes to settle in with our food, start watching the opera, start reading the subtitles.  (Not that we disturbed the other patrons.  There were only five of us in the theater, which is four more than the first time Jr went to the movie opera, and one more than last week when he and Jack went together.) 

The lovers in the movie were forced to part for a time (of course) and they sang the same words to each other perhaps three times or more (which was the moment when Jr leaned over and said, "this is like that thing that happens on the phone--no you hang up first, no you go first, no you...")

That boy cracks me up. 

The opera was quite enjoyable.  The food was pretty good for fast food, although you couldn't see what you were eating because the theater was dark.  The company was funny and fun.  I give it a thumbs up.

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Joey said...

See, now I keep meaning to do that and always hear about it after the fact. Give me a heads up next time!

I didn't know that you liked opera.