Friday, July 6, 2012

now that i'm done with school


Yes, I know, not another one of those posts...

Wait.  Stay with me for a minute, unless this drags on and on and you can take no more...I'll include pictures...

Since I finished school, I have all of this extra time.  While there have been lots of adventures around here--for example, the freeing of 4,000 ladybugs into the gardens early last week and a big ole 4th of July celebration that stretched over two days and included lots of traditional stuff like following the drummer in a parade and a huge family get together that featured my latest favorite dinner of ribs, corn on the cob, and potato salad,

and then swimming in the pool

and splashing in the hot tub

and then a baseball game--see, lots of stuff going on--still, I find myself with so much extra time.

I've been out reading blogs on the internet.

Waste of time?  Perhaps.  But a learning experience just the same.

I think I can categorize the blogs I've been reading into these categories:

1. Too much information.
2. Boring.
3. Infrequently updated.

I've thought of my blog as a journal, a way to record my thoughts and the events in my life that I want to remember.  But then there's the part about how it's on the internet.  So there's a certain amount of censorship that goes on, and a certain amount of effort to make it, if not entertaining, then at least readable.  But there are problems with that. 

1. There are so many moments that are not recorded. 
2. So much of daily life might matter to me but be totally uninteresting to readers.
3. Numbers 1 and 2 above make me want to not update.

I'm throwing in this shot for Jessie who requested a picture of her cousin whose first baby is due in ten weeks.

Gah.  When did I become a typical blogger? 

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