Sunday, July 15, 2012

a couple of things

Tonight I got this great idea.  I bought strawberries for little girls to eat with their dinner tonight, but then found out that sadly, they wouldn't be over for dinner.  So what to do with strawberries?  Of course, strawberry shortcake.  Around here, we eat our strawberry shortcake with white cake made from a Betty Crocker mix.  Gourmet?  No.  Satisfying?  Absolutely.

You'd think making a cake from a mix would be simple enough, right?  Only four ingredients:  cake mix, eggs, oil, water.  Uh, I forgot the oil.  The cake looks okay.  I figure that without oil it might be a bit dry, but since we'll be covering it with whipped cream and strawberries that have sopped up water and sugar, it should all be tasty enough, right?

The other thing?  I know I tend to boast a bit about how great my kids are.  But just think about this one:  Raise your hand if your 23-year-old son bought and lets you use his Conair Full-size Professional Steamer.  Yes, we will be doing no more ironing around here, we have a full-size professional steamer.  A Conair.  It is awesome.  As is that kid of mine, right?

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Jessie said...

I once added an extra cup of oil. For some reason I read 1/4 as 1 1/4. The brownies took an extra hour to bake, but man were they moist and delicious.

Maybe it's genetic?