Monday, July 23, 2012

trip 2

This is a summer of going out of town for me. 

DC was a great start.

Tomorrow = Omaha.

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what I'll do in Omaha in the after-paralegal-convention hours.  New Orleans a few years ago?  Not a problem finding stuff to do.  San Diego a few years later?  Again, lots of places to go and stuff to do.

The fun part of Omaha is I won't be there alone.  Eileen, my fellow paralegal at work, will be my travel partner.  And we have shown that we know how to entertain ourselves--**see our road trip with Jack to California over Thanksgiving weekend that was most excellent**

So, off to Omaha for us tomorrow afternoon.  Two things we are not excited about:

104, then 102, then high 90's with our favorite--high humidity--all week...
The Californians are coming to town on Thursday and we aren't outta Omaha until Saturday.

These are two boos.  But humidity makes my skin and hair sing out loud.  And while I can't think of a positive for missing two days of the Californians, we do have an outing planned to the Omaha zoo and I'm thinking OMAHA ZOO?  As in, Mutual of Omaha, Marlin Perkins?  It has to be a great zoo, right? 

So off we go.  I'll keep you posted.

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Joey said...

I love Omaha!!! I've been there a couple of time for work. Go to Old Towne. There are lots of cute pubs, shopping, and restaurants. This historical value and the vibe are great. Let me know how you like it.