Thursday, July 12, 2012

a couple of things

I'm still in DC but miracle! of technology! I got skyped by my favorite Californians.

Yep, I know, pretty adorable.

The other thing?  I have this friend who in addition to being kind and giving and brilliant in many ways, is also amazingly creative.  She has music in her and art of all sorts, and she is a writer.  Not just a writer, but a poet.  And she writes amazing things.  Things doesn't adequately describe what she puts down in words.  Her creations come in all forms--poems, essays, letters, and still more. 

Lucky for me, she made a resolution this year to blog everyday.  And she has kept that resolution.  If you think of the biggest thing you can imagine and then think of hundreds of that thing all together--hmmm, well that doesn't help...apparently I cannot express how much I look forward to clicking on her link each day.  But I know there will be something there that will amuse, touch, entertain, enlighten, teach me.  

A lovely blessing in my life is what she is.


Amelia said...

I love that this fabulous lady is blogging every day too, I've started to follow suit!

Lisa B. said...

That is the sweetest surprise! thank you for saying so. I was just clicking on *your* link because of that awesome post yesterday, which I realized I hadn't commented on. Off I go to do so! (and thank you again. so sweet.)