Saturday, July 26, 2008

big pioneer holiday barbeque or it's rappin, snappin, totally hapnin'

As many of you are aware, July 24th is a big holiday in the gardens. It is the day we celebrate the entrance of our forefathers into this beautiful valley, who walked from Illinois to Utah over several months, through the hottest part of the year. That long walk is likely the reason we are such healthy people now--all of the ones with sickly genes died along the walk across America in 1847.

Frequently, our traditional family celebration consists of eating lots of food with several generations of family members and often includes water play and some type of fireworks.

This year's meal included steak, potato salad, baked beans, fresh veggies and fruit, rolls, salad, chips and soda. And of course, dessert--angel food cake with fresh berries and cream. Everything was yummy and perfectly appropriate for the day. The water games did not disappoint.

family matriarch

her firstborn

jack, me, and his mom

jack's sister

her family

the newlyweds

two of her others and one that, in time, may be

wife & child of our eldest (who is behind the camera)

our amazing girl with one of her amazing girls

her husband with the other amazing girl

jr--without whom, nothing, including this party, would ever happen.

the dog

this year's fireworks
(note they are MONSTER SNAPS)

another successful 24th of July party


Jessie said...

None of your firstborn?

Stu said...

That's what happens when he is the one taking all the photos :)

Another holiday that I successfully avoid being photographed.

Shi said...

So while it is a good pic of me and the babe... I don't think that one was taken on the 24th... :D

Stu said...

I suppose we all are a bit critical. :) I thought it was a great party... delicious steak and potatoes (salad anyway), Jr on the slip 'n slide, babies in the hot tub, strawberry short cake... what else could we ask for?