Saturday, July 12, 2008

i knew it was perfect when jack said it was me

If you've been a reader from almost the beginning, you may remember my post about my retro blue bathroom and the red rugs I bought that seemed to be the perfect thing for that room.

Really, the perfect place for those red rugs is the laundry room.

Because they match the red geraniums in the picture that hangs in there.

You may be asking, "If you now have red rugs in the laundry room, what color rugs do you have in the retro blue bathroom?" There is not a quick, easy answer for that question. After the red rugs found a permanent home, I bought some brushed nickel colored rugs. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of them, which is probably an indication that I wasn't all that happy with them. They seemed so typical. So expected. So not what I wanted in that room.

However, as much as they weren't my favorite rugs, I wasn't too thrilled on the day that I couldn't convince Jr that if you wash red rugs with brushed nickel rugs, you will not end up with brushed nickel rugs. Everybody has to learn that lesson once and that was the day for Jr. It was also the day that the brushed nickel rugs became an interesting (some might say sickening) combination of pink, purple, seafoam green/silver, splotchy tye-dyed 1979 color rugs. Again, not a color I would have expected to love in my bathroom.

I kept them around for a couple of weeks and then decided that maybe I could settle for some sage green rugs that would match the sage green towels. I was not thrilled again, because that color would be the usual. Typical.

But guess what? I did not find sage green rugs when I looked for rugs at Costco. I saw no bathroom rugs, no throw rugs, only rugs that would need to be vacuumed, not shaken. At first, it seemed obvious that there was nothing in the bin of beige, tan, gold, and other bland colored rugs that would work in my retro blue bathroom.

But then Jack and I spotted it. A rug that was retro blue in the center and striped around the edges. Retro blue stripes, white stripes, tan stripes, green stripes, and yellow stripes. I checked the size and Jack said he thought it would fit. We had no idea what it cost since it seemed to be a one-of-a-kind rug, so we tossed it on the cart and headed to checkout. The cashier and a customer service type person determined it was $29.99 so we bought it (even though it rang up as a kid's rug), took it home, and unrolled it in the retro blue bathroom.

See for yourself.

Is that the perfect rug or what?

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