Saturday, July 5, 2008

shoppin' with sugar

Sugar and I planned to yard sale this morning, but there were no yard sales in our usual shopping area so of course we headed to Kohl's.

The short version of today's shopping for me is 25 items, average price $4. Pants, t-shirts, cashmere sweaters, belts, jewelry. aaahhhh. sweet.

The only story I'll share today (in the interest of shortening my posts) is about when Sugar and I were looking through a rack of clothing and she held up some black pants (I think) and I recognized the label--Oh Baby--as part of Kohl's maternity department. I told her that while we may be big girls, I was drawing the line at maternity clothes.

Later at home, while I sat marveling at the amazing deals I found today, I noticed that my receipt showed that the two pairs of stretchy form-fitting jogging shorts I purchased that I thought were similar to something made by Nike or Adidas were in reality from the maternity department.

Let me just say that I did not try on those shorts before I purchased them. And I am not pregnant. And for $1.60 each, I won't get pregnant, but I will definitely wear them often.


Lisa B. said...

I have to say that the maternity clothes at Target are often so! cute! that I am tempted sorely to buy them. But I do not, because that is just conceding tooooooo much to time, aging, and their unfriendly friend, the middle-aged belly.

gilian said...

Oh, ouch, I have been trying to convince myself that it has to be some type of non-malignant cantelope-sized growth--and hey, that is exactly what it is--my unfriendly belly friend! Since I intend to live life well to 100, I guess I am squarely in my middle age.