Sunday, July 6, 2008

can she really love her sheets?

Several years ago, Jack and I bought a new pillow-top king-sized bed. We also bought a set of white, Wamsutta 300-count 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.

I know you can buy higher count sheets and different brands, but our sheets are the softest, coziest sheets I've ever slept between. I wake up every morning and want more than almost anything else to stay snuggled down in our sheets.

Recently, our sheets began showing their age. I went back to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy another set just like them. I should have known. No longer available. Jack was determined to find another set that would be just as soft and lovable. After much study of sheets and thread counts and Egyptian vs Pima, we decided to order a set of sheets from (get ready for it) Kohl's. This set is 100% Egyptian cotton, made exclusively for Kohl's, and of course, was on sale for half price. They are not white, but a color that Kohl's calls, "drizzle". When we ordered them, I thought that drizzle-colored sheets that were as soft as my beloved white sheets could bring to mind rainy days best spent in bed. Alas, these drizzle-colored sheets feel more like sleeping on drizzle-colored gravel.

Sometimes, a sale is no sale.


Lisa B. said...

I bought organic cotton sheets at Target and they have been a joy and a delight. And not that expensive, either.

I suppose you have washed and dried the Kohl's drizzle sheets several times . . . sometimes that hastens the softness. But it does seem like trial and error, to get the sheets with the right combination of traits so that they're soft and smooth and cool and cozy all at once. When you do, it's bed nirvana.

Jeri said...

My sheets came from QVC, they have the best 800 1000 count sheets.
Prices are not bad either.
I understand what you are saying about sheets, once you have slept and great you cannot give them up.