Tuesday, July 15, 2008

this memory thing is kinda fun

It has been so much fun to receive and remember memories with friends and family of late.

I have to admit though, that since my brain attack last fall, it seems that I've lost a bunch of my specific individual memories. I remember the feelings I've had about each person who has posted, but as much as I know that we've been friends, had fun together, shared good times and hard times, the specific moments behind those feelings are sometimes difficult to find. And sometimes, I can't determine whether a memory is truly a memory or something I've dreamed or imagined.

That's the part of crazyville--well, one of the parts--that I could do without.

So thanks for restoring the little pieces that I've lost. Surprisingly enough, I do remember the moments you all have mentioned...and really, how do I know I've lost moments if I can't remember them?

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Stu said...

That's why I haven't posted yet... I suppose I might not be a member of Crazyville, but I certainly am a member of "I took a bunch of drugs over the past few years"ville.

I want to remember some special time when I was sick... something you did for me, and it's all kinda blurred together. The hospital visits, the doctor's appointments, the trips to the er... I remember me being there. I remember you being at some of them. I remember my wife being at some of them. I just have trouble remember who was where... and when.

I was feeling this way on Friday of last week as well. I was at Craig's visitation and I was seeing faces of people that I had memories of. However, I was having trouble putting the names together. People that had really made impressions on me in high school... and I was having trouble remembering some of their names :(

I suppose it could be an artifact of growing up (not just getting old). I don't spend so much time thinking about things like that. Most of my time is spent worrying about my family, my house and my job (roughly in that order). Why do I care so much about things that happened to me ten or more years ago? I suppose the truth is... I don't anymore.

Ramble ramble ramble.