Monday, July 28, 2008

wah, wah, poor gilian

how can this be? i find myself once again unable to use capital letters.

no, this ailment is not as serious as jack's recent illness, and likely not even the worst ailment i've ever survived, but man, i'm a feelin' crappy.

you know when you're at work and you can hear a coworker clearing his throat. and then he starts coughing a bit. and by the end of the day, he's hackin' up a lung?

that was my office, three days before my throat started feeling a little scratchy and
then started sending the signal to my brain that it was time to clear the throat.
and by the time i went to bed that night, i think jack must have thought it sounded like my lungs were in danger
because he got up and fetched the nasty
supposed to taste like cherry chocolates
but absolutely does not taste like anything, but nasty medicine
that tricks you into swallowing it because it smells like cherry chocolates and
looks like that red cherry chocolate syrup i adore,
but as soon as it's in your mouth, you know you have been tricked and
your throat instantly regrets sending the 'clear me now' message to your brain and
attempts to close up tight enough to keep the nasty stuff out? but after a while, your cough subsides and you are able to rest.

all i have left to say is, 'jessie, i am so sorry for all of the times i gave you that medicine so you could get some rest from your cough.'

not sorry that it stopped your cough. simply sorry for that tricky looking taste.


Joey said...

When my kids were young, I gave them cough syrup that had codiene in it. (He was an old-fashioned doctor.) It really knocked them out. I, myself, could have become addicted to it. Should I confess that online???) However, we had to have three people to hold Sean down to get him to take it. Go figure.

Skybird said...

So guys... haven't you heard the lady that sings "just a spoonful of sugar???"

Johanna... Here is an explanation now to that weird sense of humor that creeps up from time to time!

Jessie said...

Yeah, you never seemed to understand why I didn't want to take it... and I don't remember waking up from coughing, only when you woke me up because I was coughing. Though I'm sure I got more rest because you gave it to me... someone just needs to talk to those folks who make it and convince them to change the taste... is it really supposed to taste like chocolates? Who knew? Maybe the taste has stayed the same all these years because parents had to take it as a child, and now want to inflict their children with the same torture. How rotten.

gilian said...

um, wait, wait, wait. let's don't go blaming well-intentioned parents for that nasty taste. if i had my way, it would be just like sweet mary p and taste like whatever you wanted it to taste like. let's think, sweet's orange sticks... and joey, about that codeine cough syrup, my kid's doctor prescribed that, but it didn't work for jessie's cough. the only thing that worked was twice the dose on the bottle of the robitusson dm. yes, jessie, not only did i wake you from your troubled non-rem sleep, i gave you four tsps instead of two and 45 minutes later, you were once again sleeping like a baby. again, sorry for that whole dealio, but, well you needed to sleep sometime.