Friday, July 18, 2008

so she said and then i thought

Some readers may recall my efforts at fashion stylin' from here or here. Below are some of this week's attempts:

Wednesday--brown slacks, white tee, pale pink fitted shirt--"You remind me of neopolitan ice cream!"

Thursday--black slacks with pale blue and white pinstripe, deep teal blouse with navy scooped neck band and navy belt--"Oh, did you notice that's navy on your blouse, not black."

Friday--khaki capris, white tee, pale yellow hoodie with the cutest little gathers--"If you're okay with pants like those, then yeh, it's a cute outfit."

my response--

I seriously like looking like ice cream.
I need better lighting and a full-sized mirror in my closet--of course I didn't notice it was navy.
I happen to like those capris, so yeh, it was a cute outfit.

And I didn't even mention the shoes or accessories.


Lisa B. said...

Okay, this is a pretty snotty woman you work with, imho. Boo to the navy/black comment. Rude! And double boo to the backhanded "If you're okay with pants like those" remark. Rude with a side of extra rude! I bet her outfits aren't that cute, either.

(a) looking like ice cream is excellent, especially in the summer.
(b) black is a *neutral* and goes with everything. Not to mention, the pin stripes comPLETEly invalidate her (rude) critique.
(c) yellow hoodie? genius!

Jessie said...

She really comments on your outfits every single day? This is sounding a little out of control, if you ask me. And I really liked your shirt on Thursday, I thought it was very cute, and really brought out your eyes (even though they're green!). And I didn't notice it was navy, either, and probably wouldn't have, had you not mentioned it. So BOO on her! Like Lisa said.

And I'm still trying to decide what I've learned over the last 5 years, so don't worry, I'll post soon.

gilian said...

thank you dear fans

gilian said...

Uh, okay, wait, as much as I appreciate the supportive comments,I need to clear up a couple of things--for example, that I've completely misled you.

First, when I posted that title, I was going to go with just Wednesday's and Thursday's outfits. I was thinking about those outfits and was pretty pleased with them, even with the comments.

Second, it wasn't the original opwo who made the comments. It was the backup opwo (apparently they are everywhere) and because she made the ice cream comment, I could almost ignore the navy/black comment. (Except that I was wearing navy with black all day kinda wishing I was in Bewitched world so I could twitch my nose and find myself wearing either all black with black and teal or navy with navy and teal.) Luckily, the original opwo is not in the office everyday because she travels a lot.

Lastly, about the capris comment, somebody in the gardens made that comment. Somebody who loves me but never likes capris, but I do and besides I had the totally sweet yellow hoodie that was even better because I only paid $3 for it at Kohl's.

In a completely unintended way, I have posted a totally misleading post. I need to remember to edit the whole post before I push the publish button. I take my blogs very seriously and while some of my stories may sound outrageous, they are always true. Life is crazy enough that I don't need to exaggerate.

In the future, I promise to remember the latest thing I've learned--with internet publishing access comes much responsibility.